to The Key, a screencap site for Episode 5.13 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Blood Ties. The Key is the official Freeze Frame for this episode. There are 750 800x449px widescreen dvd screencaps in the collection. Navigation is by chapter title and most chapters have more than one page of caps.

freeze frame


Freeze Frame was the brainchild of the wonderful Tlace and is now run by Emma. It aims to provide fanartists and web designers with high quality screencaptures from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. For me it was a good opportunity to give something back to the BtVS online/fanart community that has provided me with so much material in the past.

Accessing the Caps          

The screencaps are now password protected to prevent direct linking. You only need to enter the password once.
Username: less-killy
Password: more-frilly


Just a couple, but they're important so please read before using the caps:

Ok, happy whatever it is that you're doing with them! Feel free to email me any art you make with them that you'd like to share at this site and if you want a frame that I haven't capped go ahead and request it.


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