Episode Summary     

Buffy and Giles finally come clean to the gang about Dawn being the Key that Glory is looking for. Meanwhile, the mysterious Knights have a run-in with Glory's minions and Glory captures and brain sucks one of them, Orlando. What with the crazies and now the scooby gang acting hokey around her, Dawn sneaks out to do a little searching of her own. Spike helps her break into the Magic Box where they learn from Giles' journal that Dawn is just a blob of glowy green energy whipped up into a little sister by the monks. Of course all of this happens in the middle of another fun Buffy birthday, this time her 20th. When Dawn gets home she completely flips, cutting her arm with the cake knife - she's not real and Buffy is only protecting her because it's her duty. She throws a tantrum, burns the "Dawn-meister chronicles" and runs away. The gang set out to search for her. Dawn heads for the hospital to find out what the crazies know. Orlando (now in the mental ward) calls her the Key and insists she must be destroyed. Ben drags her away for some comforting hot chocolate that turns out to be less comforting due to the fact that he transforms into Glory mid-sentence. Even though Dawn let it slip she was the Key to Ben, when Glory morphs in she doesn't seem to know. Dawn holds her own long enough to find out that the key isn't necessarily evil before the gang bursts in to rescue her just in the nick of time a la Spike's prediction. Glory is looking pretty undefeatable until Willow and Tara use a teleportation spell to send her elsewhere.


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